Anonymous asked: Is died Piers Nivans?

Piers Nivans is died

Meep! I’m still trying to figure tumblr out in terms of how to post my work, so please forgive me if I mess up! D: Anyway, I made a little animated gif of puppy Piers, and I thought I’d share it. :)

Anonymous asked: Your background makes me want to cry... //suddenfeels //liesonground //cries

aww haha

Artwork by vanadise on DeviantArt

Anonymous asked: Who mutated arm is better? Krauser's or Piers's


No contest. Piers.

Anonymous asked: According to Piers's profile in RE wiki, his status is change to unknown instead of deceased... Man I hope he is still alive :)

The only issue with any wiki site is anyone can edit the profiles.

It would be awesome to see Piers again in future games, but very unlikely. Unless there’s a flashback of sorts =/

lilmadhatterlu asked: Mr Nivans...why is the rum gone?

Leon. Leon drank it all.

Anonymous asked: Does Piers has crush on Merah Biji from Biohazard Marhawa Desire?

I honestly couldn’t tell ya, I don’t read Marhawa Desire…I’m not familiar with the stroy at all

posted 1 year ago

Anonymous asked: Do you think Piers and Jake could be friends or noway?

If Piers survived, no. Since they were planning to “duke” it out as soon as everyone escaped.

Anonymous asked: How old was Piers in Biohazard Mohawa Desire manga?

I’m assuming 25/26 like in the game, I’m not positive though.

Anonymous asked: Is Piers taller than Leon?

Probably the same, idk.

project-helix asked: But Haos didn't have any electric power. I think that was just lucky.

Anonymous asked: Yeah I know it sound silly but the reason I think HAOS have something to do with Pier's electric powers because HAOS grabbed Piers's right arm and did HAOS had electric powers too. (Yeah it sound silly LOL!!!!!)

Doesn’t sound silly, you could be right.

posted 1 year ago

Anonymous asked: Has Chris ever farted in your general direction?

Chris is a fart.